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Vanilla Cinnamon Organic Pea Protein


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A nice simple, clean and natural vanilla flavour with a hint of cinnamon. A perfect base for smoothie and baking recipes, or if you prefer a less sweeter option.

Only natural / organic ingredients! Vegan-friendly. See more below.

Purchase multiple bags and receive a discount at checkout! See details below.

A pure organic protein powder ideal for active people wanting a cleaner diet to increase muscle tone and lose body fat. Pure Tone Organic Pea Protein powder is naturally flavoured and tastes great with your choice of milk, or in your favourite smoothie. Reap the benefits of adequate protein intake by feeling fuller (ward off hunger pains), build muscle and strength to improve your active lifestyle and feel healthier. 

Only natural / organic ingredients!

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Free from GMOs
  • Free from Artificial Flavours
  • Free from Fillers
  • Vegan Friendly


Mix 1 x 30g scoop with 200-300ml of your choice of milk; post workout, or 1 to 3 times daily. Also combine with ice cubes and fruit to make a healthy smoothie. For smoothie recipes click here.


Organic Pea Protein Concentrate, Natural Flavour, Cinnamon, Natural Sweetener (Stevia Extract)


Purchase more than 1 bag (of any flavour) and receive an instant discount:

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  • Buy 3 bags and save $25
  • Every extra bag after the 3rd costs only $44.95

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Serving size: 30g
Servings per packet: 33

PER 30gPER 100g
Energy 508 kJ 1693 kJ
121 cal 404 cal
Protein 22.6 g 75.4 g
Fat, total 1.9 g 6.4 g
- saturated 0.4 g 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 3.0 g 9.8 g
  sugars 2.5 g 8.2 g
Ditry Fibre, total 0.6 g 1.9 g
Sodium 311 mg 1036 mg
PER 30gPER 100g
Lysine 1723 mg 5742 mg
Methionine 253 mg 842 mg
Phenylalanine 1240 mg 4134 mg
Threonine 850 mg 2833 mg
Tryptophan 207 mg 689 mg
Isoleucine 1103 mg 3675 mg
Leucine 1907 mg 6355 mg
Valine 1240 mg 4134 mg
Histidine 575 mg 1915 mg
PER 30gPER 100g
Alanine 965 mg 3216 mg
Arginine 1975 mg 6584 mg
Aspartic Acid 2618 mg 8728 mg
Cysteine 161 mg 536 mg
Glycine 942 mg 3139 mg
Glutamic Acid* 3882 mg 12939 mg
Proline 988 mg 3292 mg
Serine 1194 mg 3981 mg
Tyrosine 804 mg 2680 mg

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I can honestly say it is the best protein powder we have ever tried!

My husband & I have been users of protein powder for a few years now. Since I fell pregnant and have been breastfeeding I stopped taking protein powder as I was very worried about what ingredients were in some of the products we were using. I then discovered Pure Place as started following their Facebook & Instagram page for some healthy food ideas and decided to try their Pure Pea Protein powder. After placing an order it arrived within 2 days and my husband & I can honestly say it is the best protein powder we have ever tried! I love the fact that there are no artificial additives or preservatives in the powder and the flavours are delicious! Perfect for our morning smoothies - all i do is add water and a couple of frozen bananas and my husband has his with milk! We will continue to use this protein powder - the benefits are amazing! An awesome product!

Rachelle A. on October 07 2016

Answer: 0 16/11/16

I've been using it nearly every morning since, and have fallen in love with this lovely product

I purchased a couple different flavours from Pure Place a few weeks ago, i've been using it nearly every morning since, and have fallen in love with this lovely product. There are endless uses for this protein powder and I love incorporating it into my everyday baking etc... I also love following Pure Place's blog as they post some amazing natural recipes and most of all delicious treats that you don't have to feel naughty about having, as we all love a little something sweet every now and then. I would recommend Pure Place for their friendly and efficient customer service and healthy delicious products.

Jenny G. on October 10 2016

Answer: 0 7/10/16

Pure Place protein is the best pea protein I have tasted to date.

Pure Place protein is the best pea protein I have tasted to date. Suffering digestive issues with whey I made the switch to plant protein and have tried a few different rice and pea proteins on the market. Pure Place stands out way above the rest with quality, purity, price and the most delicious versatile flavours. My partner and children love it as well we highly recommend it and look forward to our Pure Place smoothies every day!

Natalie T. on February 15 2017

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