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Our Story

We (Lorna & Fabian) both originally from New Zealand, love being active, especially in the outdoors. Whether it’s outdoor bootcamps, long walks, trying not drown whilst attempting to surf, or simply sitting with a group of friends in the sunshine enjoying great food. It’s probably no surprise that we each fell in love with the beautiful beaches, people and outdoor lifestyle of Queensland’s Gold Coast. We love travelling and getting to know the locals at every corner of Australia, N.Z and the world that we experience.

We both have spent many years in the corporate scene with the common battle of work/life balance. We know how hard it can be trying to stay healthy, or create new positive habits whilst feeling like you don’t have the time or energy to figure out what to do.

Pure Place was born from our desire for everyone to enjoy a fulfilled life by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Throughout our lives we have seen many people close to us become victim to ill health and disease from inactive lifestyles and poor diet. However we have also witnessed many of our friends and family benefit from living a healthy and active lifestyle. From these life experiences we have developed a passion for inspiring ourselves and people around us to take control and live the healthy active lifestyles they desire. This positive opportunity gives us purpose to make a real difference in helping people. Whether that be through sharing knowledge, exercise, or creating amazing natural & healthy products to help you live healthy. 

During our journey we found that a lot of the food we were consuming was full of rubbish. Once we replaced the culprits with healthier alternatives we found we had a clearer head, were sick a less often, and had a load more energy. It’s been an interesting path finding food to help fuel our lifestyle, and also (importantly) food that still tastes amazing! 

We’ve been supplementing our diet with protein powder for a while now and have tried a lot of different brands. Some good, some not so good. A lot of them being loaded with fillers, artificial flavours & sweeteners (including a ton of indistinguishable ingredients), and caused uncomfortable bloating. That’s when we decided to try pea protein. The results weren’t the best as most of the products we tried tasted TERRIBLE, often a result of using low grade ingredients. So we set out on a journey to create a healthy natural pea protein powder that also tastes brilliant. 

After over a year of trialling multiple products and manufacturers we’re happy to release our new range of pea protein powder. This time it’s produced from organic peas, and using only simple and natural ingredients for flavouring. We’re super stoked with the results and we’re sure you’ll love our three delicious launch flavours - Vanilla Cinnamon, Cacao Coconut, and Honeycomb Cacao. 

We're not going to stop here however, we're already working on our next product. If you have a natural & healthy product you want, let us know!

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