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All natural and organic pea protein powder supplement
Organic pea protein powder supplement multi buy discount
Organic pea protein powder supplement honeycomb cacao flavour
Organic pea protein powder supplement cacao coconut flavour
Organic pea protein powder supplement Vanilla Cinnamon flavour
We have crafted the best tasting, all natural and organic pea protein powder to fuel your healthy body & active lifestyle

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our passion of healthy living with our friends, family, and anyone who shares our desire to live an active and healthy life.

During our journey so far we found that a lot of the food and supplements we were consuming were full of rubbish. So we decided to create a healthy, clean & natural non-dairy plant based protein powder supplement that tastes AMAZING. However we're not going to stop at that, we're constantly planning for the next natural product to help fuel our active lifestyles.

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Benefits of Protein

  • Healthy effective immune system.
  • Recover from workouts, build muscle/strength to enable you to do more activities.
  • Repair wounds/injuries faster.
  • Stop hunger cravings! Protein helps with satiety (feeling of fullness after eating)
  • Basically become a more effective human being! 
  • Read more about how more protein can benefit you here

Our Blog

Organic & All Natural Pea Protein

Our Happy Customers

Organic Protein Testimonial Talida
Townsville, QLD, Aus
"The taste is my favourite part of this product.. my favourite is the cacao coconut which reminds me of a bounty bar"
Organic Protein Testimonial Tamra
Sydney, NSW, Aus
"I’ve tried other protein powders in the past and can definitely taste the difference with natural ingredients"
Organic Protein Testimonial Jenny
Bunbury, WA, Aus
"I've been using it nearly every morning since, and have fallen in love with this lovely product"
Organic Protein Testimonial Ebony
Gold Coast, QLD, Aus
"In complete honesty, I've never tried a pea protein that tastes amazing until I tried this!"
Organic Protein Testimonial Rachelle
Maroochydore, QLD, Aus
" I can honestly say it is the best protein powder we have ever tried!"
Organic Protein Testimonial Ellie
Gold Coast, QLD, Aus
" I have struggled to find a pea protein that tastes this good and with no hidden ingredients. I have especially enjoyed honeycomb cacao post-workout and if I’m in need of an afternoon snack. I highly recommend trying this product."
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