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May 10

Acai Cacao Protein Smoothie Bowl

A high protein, antioxidant smoothie bowl that will make you bounce with energy! ... Read more
Jan 23

Choc Nut Protein Truffles

Oh so delicious chocolate peanut avo truffles. These amazing little morsels are made with protein powder and healthy fats to give you energy and keep the chocy cravings at bay! Enjoy with a pot of tea or just on their own as a tasty healthy snack.... Read more
Jan 23

Lemon Chia Protein Cookies

These zesty lemon chia protein cookies are not only super tasty, they are also gluten-free, low fat, low calorie, low carb and high in protein. ... Read more
Jan 23

Lemon Chia Protein Pud

Looking for a guilt-free yummy desert? Well look no further, this Protein Lemon Chia Seed Pud is not only delicious, it’s also high protein and packed full of nutritious goodness.... Read more
Mar 02

Energising Beet, Carrot and Kale Juice

Give your immune system a healthy boost with this nutritious vegetable juice... Read more
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